February 25, 2018

Vote For Knight & Family Of The Year 2014

We now have our voting for Knight and Family of the year up and available!  Sorry for the delay.  As you may note, the selections are missing the November and December Knight of the month, as well as the December family of the month.  This is due to some complications we had with our selections during these months.

Please make one selection for each of the categories in the forms below.  One for Knight of the Year and one for Family of the Year.  You are required to enter your member number from your membership card.  This prevents duplicate votes and assures that only members of our council are allowed to vote. If you would like to see the past winners, click this link.

Voting will be open for one week, ending at 5:00pm, Wednesday January 14th. Thank you!

Sorry, but this form is no longer accepting submissions.