October 18, 2017

Photo Gallery

  • Pork Chop Palace
2013 State Free Throw Contest

The State Free Throw contest was held Sunday March 3rd in Conway at the St. Joseph gym. Many thanks to all of the Councils and Districts that participated in this year’s event.

  • Rental Pictures
Pork Chop Palace

Abby Robbins Playhouse being transported and donated to St. Joseph primary school

  • Goodbye Monsignor Richard
Knight & Family of the Year Banquet 2011

What a great time we had at the Knight & Family of the year banquet this year! Congratulations to council 4143\'s Knight of the year, Chris Hoyt and the Family of the Year, Matt & Jackie Elsinger Family! Thanks to all those who set up, cooked and cleaned up. It was a very memorable event!

  • Knight & Family of the year banquet 2010
Goodbye Monsignor Richard

This gallery has many photos from the going-away party for Monsignor Richard Oswald. Special thanks to Terri Files of Terri Files Photography for taking all of these wonderful pictures!

Rental Pictures

Here are pictures of our facility showing some of the different set-ups that have been arranged for wedding receptions, birthday parties, holiday parties, etc.

  • Fall Festival
Knight & Family of the year banquet 2010

Congratulations to the Larry Seiter family for being chosen as our \"Family of the Year\" for 2010. Congratulations as well to Ray Strack for being chosen as our \"Knight of the Year\".

  • Chili Cookoff 2010
Fall Festival

Thanks to all the volunteers, our Fall Festival was another great success this year! Our council raised $8000 which will go towards helping our seminarians. Special thanks to Father Marconi for allowing our council to use the Parish Hall for the event.

  • Catholic_ministry_2010
Chili Cookoff 2010

We all had a great time at the chili cookoff this year. Thanks to all those who cooked and all those who sampled the fine chili!

  • Pool_cleanup_2010

The Christian Ladies dinner this year was a huge success! Thanks to Marci Martin for organizing and all the Knights who helped out.

  • Christian_ladies_2010
Easter Egg Hunt 2010

This gallery contains photos from our KC Easter Egg hunt that was held on Sunday, March 28th, 2010. What a great time!

  • Easter Egg Hunt 2010
4th of July In February

A great time was had by all those who attended our "4th of July in February" event! And many thanks to everyone that helped out!

  • 4th of July In February
2009 KC Camporee

Photos from out 2009 Camporee at Sugar Loaf on Greers Ferry.

  • 2010 KC Work Day
2010 KC Work Day

Several members got together on a nice Saturday morning in January to clean up the grounds and the KC hall. Thanks to all who helped out and thanks to Steve Dayer for the delicious meal.

  • Knight & Family Of The Year Banquet 2009
Knight & Family Of The Year Banquet 2009

These pictures were taken at our recent Knight and Family of the year banquet.

  • Lenten Fish Frys 2010
Lenten Fish Frys 2010

These are photos taken at our Knights of Columbus Lenten Fish Frys being held through Good Friday, (April 2nd). We would like to encourage you to come out and join us for some great food!